SHOWOFF Canopy Returning Featured Artist: Erin Hanson

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SHOWOFF Canopy Returning Featured Artist: Erin Hanson

Since we first featured Erin on Show Off Your SHOWOFF, a lot of wonderful things have befallen her - including the opening of her San Diego art gallery. Apparently a lot has happened to her Showoff Canopy as well - or should we say - suite of Showoff Canopies.

Tell us what's next with your art

According to Gallery Manager, Amy Jensen, "Erin is currently preparing for next collection called “The Red Rock Show”. This is quite exciting since it is effectively taking her back to the birth of Open Impressionism. Her first works were of the Red Rock Canyon in Nevada and inspired by her rock climbing and explorations into the desert regions of Nevada and Utah. This is where she first settled on her focus which has now taken her through over a decade of paintings and a pretty phenomenal level of success within the industry."

"Erin was also recently the poster artist for the La Quinta Arts Festival and is just a couple of weeks ago from being the poster artist for the Woodlands Waterway Festival. Your products have certainly been put to good use!"

Erin Hanson

What do you like best about your suite of SHOWOFF Canopies?

According to Production Manager, Daniel Rust, "It was the biggest tent in the whole festival, and people came from all directions just to see what the big hype was all about. We really enjoy your products. They have held up for years despite 30,000 miles a year of travel, and about 20 festivals a year."

You can see more of Erin's art on her website: Erin Hanson - Landscapes in Oil.

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