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We want you to compare the SHOWOFF canopy to its competition because we honestly believe we offer the best display tent–booth for art shows, fairs, and festivals. We know how much work goes into your art, which is why we see it as our duty to make your life a little easier once it becomes time to sell your works.

Light Dome
100% Aluminum Frame
Steel / PVC
Aluminum / Nylon
1/4" Thick Aluminum Corners
Aluminum Awning Frame
Number of Components
Optional Aluminum Rafters
Optional 5'×10' Skylight
Includes Zippered Carry Bags
Center Zipper Front/Back
Rain Sheds To Sides
Warranty: Fabric
3 Years
3 Years
90 Days
Warranty: Frame
10 Years
3 Years
180 Days
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We've implemented a variety of innovative elements into our canopies at the behest of our artist friends.

  • They wanted them lighter, so we made the frames out of aluminum.
  • They wanted an easier setup, so we reduced the number of components.
  • They wanted all-weather performance, so we added a heavy-duty vinyl top and aluminum roof rafters and designed the whole thing in a way to shed water to the sides, not the front entrance.

We back the whole thing with a long warranty because we're not worried. We know it will go from town to town, art show to art show, day in, day out, right with you for years to come.

Yes, cheaper solutions exist, but when you want the best value, you can't get better than a SHOWOFF.

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