Show Off Your SHOWOFF

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Your artwork plus our strong, durable, easy-to-use artist canopy are a reason to show off to the world!

Become a part of our Show Off Your SHOWOFF series and let us help market your business through our social media and email marketing campaigns. Every month, we feature a different artist and their work being displayed on the best artist canopy booth available — The SHOWOFF Art Canopy!

Contact us at to become a featured artist or to find out more about this exciting program.

To be considered:

Erin Hanson
  • Send us a paragraph about your art, including your website address or link to your social media page
  • Include a photo that best represents your art
  • Write a sentence explaining what you like the best about your SHOWOFF Canopy
  • And - this is the most important part - a photo of your artwork in your SHOWOFF Canopy

By participating in Show Off Your SHOWOFF, you're agreeing to let us use your SHOWOFF Canopy photo on our website and in our social and email marketing.

Read about our artists on our blog.

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