Showoff Setup Instructions

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What makes SHOWOFF the Best Art Canopy for the serious artist is the fact that it is lightweight and can be easily set up with one person.
Check out the SHOWOFF Set up Instructions below:

  1. Lay out and separate your parts
  2. Snap in each bar to make a square
  3. Start putting rafters into place (curved white tubes)
  4. Take spreader bar (optional) with two PVC ends and slip in between front and back rafters
  5. Finish placing rafters (center rafters go above spreader bar)
  6. Roll out vinyl top over the frame
  7. Spread out top making sure corner buckles are snapped in place before raising frame
  8. If you have an awning, add attachment before attaching legs
  9. Install legs one-by-one and hold frame up while moving onto the next one
  10. Once up, clip in remaining inside straps
  11. Zipper in vinyl sides
  12. Raise to desired height
  13. Add weight or sandbags
  14. Tie sides to post

Standard Showoff Canopy Package Contents

  • (4) Leg Assemblies
  • (2) Side Cross Bar Splices
  •  w/Rafter Fittings & Corner Brackets
  • (2) Cross Bar Assemblies
  •  w/Corner Brackets
  • (4) Female Rafters
  • (4) Male Rafter Assemblies
Standard Showoff Canopy Package Contents

Optional Accessories

  • 1 Awning Assembly
  • 2 Rafter Spreader Assembly
  • 3 Movable Display Panel Assembly
Showoff Setup Diagram
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