Showoff Setup Instructions

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One person setup... as easy as 1...2...3...

The SHOWOFF Artist Tent is easy to assemble. Follow the instructions below and see why the SHOWOFF art show display has been rated as one of the best art canopies on the market.

  1. Telescope and layout the crossbars.
  2. Slide "D" fittings to crossbar push-buttons.
  3. Insert rafters and connect in center. The two end rafters in the center also receive the spreader bar white PVC fitting. The two center rafters have thumbscrew expansion collars.
  4. Place the top over the frame. The rafters should be perpendicular to the crossbars.
  5. Insert collapsed legs at each corner
  6. Zipper in all curtains
  7. Set telescoping legs to desired height.
  8. Check for squareness. Setup must be guided, staked and weighted.

Standard Showoff Canopy Package Contents

  • (4) Leg Assemblies
  • (2) Side Cross Bar Splices
  •  w/Rafter Fittings & Corner Brackets
  • (2) Cross Bar Assemblies
  •  w/Corner Brackets
  • (4) Female Rafters
  • (4) Male Rafter Assemblies

Optional Accessories

  • 1 Awning Assembly
  • 2 Rafter Spreader Assembly
  • 3 Movable Display Panel Assembly
Standard Showoff Canopy Package Contents
Showoff Setup Diagram
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