SHOWOFF Shows Off Against Tropical Storm—Guess Who Wins?

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SHOWOFF Shows Off Against Tropical Storm—Guess Who Wins?

"…there was only one tent left standing from the day before, and that was a Showoff canopy."

art booth after storm

After all the work and preparations, there is always one variable that no artist can control: the weather. They can tweak the application to perfection. They can prepare their crowning masterpiece and curate their best collection. They can triple check the to-do list and choose the quickest and most comfortable route. They can put up a magnificent display, with everything set oh-so-perfectly. But it all can be washed away, in some cases quite literally, with a little bad weather.

You don’t have to be a doomsday prepper to ensure that your display tent—and hopefully your art—survives a bad storm. All you may need is a Showoff Canopy. This personal account from Erin Hanson as described on her website truly puts the protection offered by a Showoff into a greater perspective:

"We protect our work the best we can with hundreds of pounds of weights, cross-braces, dog ties, rebar pounded three feet into the ground, sand bags, concrete-filled PVC pipe, ratchets and rope. The rain is the milder enemy, easily confronted with a vinyl tent (such as Trimline or Showoff) and vinyl sidewalls. Our worst fear is The Wind. Every artist has their stories of canopies lifting twenty feet in the air, of human bodies being lifted off their feet, of propanels carousing through the air and landing in palm trees. The worst wind storm I ever experienced was in Palm Springs, spring 2012: every single tree in the park was torn up by the roots (one tree falling on a van parked two feet away from me, where I was crouched trying to hide from all the blowing glass), trailers blew over, propanels did indeed fly through the air, and every single pop-up tent was destroyed.

The next day, when a few of us artists struggled our bent and dusty gear out of our vans and set up again for Sunday, sans our tents, we saw that there was only one tent left standing from the day before, and that was a Showoff canopy. While the artist's entire collection of pottery had been blown away and destroyed, his tent had outlasted all of our weakly popups. Needless to say I bought my own Showoff a week later."

Erin Hanson’s experience carries more weight than anything we could say. She was at the festival, saw the wind destroy everything around her, and found that a SHOWOFF Canopy wouldn’t fold to strong winds. It was enough to convince her to become a customer and purchase a SHOWOFF a week later.

So whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran, heed the words from another and protect your work by proudly displaying it in a SHOWOFF.

Photo credit: Art Fair Insiders.

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