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"Tent is AWESOME...rain problem...your tents are great!"

Michael J. Beam

"I love the banner — makes it easier to find my SHOWOFF first thing in the morning when all those closed, white tents blend together! Makes it easier for patrons to find me, too!"

Charlene Marsh

"We think the SHOWOFF is a quality product, and like the engineering better than our Light Dome. The vinyl sides seem to be of better quality too. Thanks for getting it to us on time despite your big workload!"

Carrie and Michael

"Our new SHOWOFF weathered the storm. This past weekend at one of our favorite hometown show venues (Rochester, NY. Memorial Art Gallery, Clothesline Festival") we experienced heavy rain and wind gusts all weekend. In our row of 10 tents by Sunday night only 3 tents were left standing. Our SHOWOFF weathered the storm despite being on the corner and exposed on all sides. In fact our space was 1/2 on asphalt and 1/2 on grass and therefore we were not able to anchor into the ground on one side and with all of the rain we could not open our vents to reduce air fill inside the tent.

But still we were one of the tents left standing. Our SHOWOFF made it all weekend, no leaks, no drips, and open for business (even kept our shag rug on the ground inside the tent) for the hearty souls who braved the weather. Thank you SHOWOFF!"

LeAnne Marquis

"We have been doing shows for years and always dreaded rain, we don't anymore. Our SHOWOFF canopy is easy to set up and leak proof! Thanks for making a great product."

Roberta and Tom Lowe

"I just wanted to tell you folks that I absolutely love my SHOWOFF tent! I bought it used from someone and got rid of my EZ Up. I am somewhat new to art shows and feel blessed to not have purchased one of those other pro brands - yours I can actually carry and not break my back! And I have even set it up by myself. I might not have bought it new from you, but I promise to sing your praises!"

Sandi Accuosti

threaded artwear

"Here is a photo taken of our booth taken on Sunday, March 1, 2015 at the Gasparilla Art Festival where we had three inches of solid rain the previous day. You will see the ground lined with plastic sheeting in an attempt to manage the floor of mud.

Throughout the stormy weather, the inside of the tent and the contents - my beautiful and award winning fiber art remained dry. We did not have any issues with leakage, drips or needing to remove pooling water from the exterior."

Leann and Bob
Happy Customers


"I have been using SHOWOFF canopies for over 20 years now. My main custom 10x20 booth is over 10 years old and still running strong. Best tent in the industry HANDS DOWN! I have even taken my tent to Burning Man and withstood 80 mph winds (properly staked off of course)...with no damage to the tent. Incredible. You can't go wrong with a SHOWOFF. Nuff said."

Emanuel Dimitri Volakis

"Earlier this year I upgraded and bought your SHOWOFF tent and canvas display walls. I am thrilled with the tent! I get many compliments on it. "

Kaye Bishop


"So the tent arrived on time. (Thanks to Jarrett...Really appreciate the quick turnaround). The boxes were larger and heavier than I anticipated and I must say I was more than a little intimidated. After years of dealing with a pop-up tent that I could wheel to my spot in a handy bag, I was thinking "what have we gotten ourselves into".

So we spent an hour or so with it Thursday night in the driveway, got the idea, figured out how the poles all worked, practiced folding, yada yada yada. Ok, so far so good.

Got to the show on Saturday. Brian dealt with the pole structure by himself and I dealt with other stuff. I then pitched in when it was time to raise the roof, so to speak. It probably went up in about 20 minutes, which I thought was pretty darned good for the first time out. We found the zippers to be especially easy to deal with (I was leery because everything seemed so heavy and kind of industrial)...But it's all so nicely constructed that it works flawlessly. The thing I did think of is that it was helpful to wear work gloves when putting the tent up because you get a little grimy dealing with poles. All good so far.

So we have a new display this year. We're using refurbished louvered doors that hang on the crossbars of the tent, and we really were struggling with that idea with the umbrella like qualities on the old tent. With this one...It's just perfect. We're still working on the mechanism for hanging. Think we've figured out a small chain with a carbineer attached to the eye hooks at the top of the panels will work just fine. Glad we ordered the extra cross bars for the bottom.

Here's the best part. Saturday morning was a beautiful sunny day, but storm clouds with heavy winds rolled in by afternoon. We were the ONLY vendor that stayed totally dry. The tent stood against the wind. Even the panels stayed in place. We stayed through the storm...And what was funny was emerging from our tent (where we were comfortably sitting and staying dry), to find that everyone had left and the festival was over. LOL. We had two additional sales at the end of the day when people ran into our tent to take cover.

After the rain passed, take-down was flawless. The bags are just great, because we didn't really have to fold the walls and canopy in an exact way for them to fit. We just roughly folded and stuffed in there with intent of during them out the next day. Lots of extra room. The pole bag...Same thing...Lots of room. Nice not to have to spend time thinking about exactly how things have to be arranged so they fit.
Bottom line: LOVE IT!"

Denise Ashby


"I tell everyone I see about your business and tell them to buy from you. Your service is the very best! Love my replacement tent by the way."

Ed Obermeyer


"I ordered a 9 foot tall model a few months ago and I am extremely happy with it. It is so easy to put together and I have already taken down and put up in high winds where other tents didn't make it!!"

David Sigel


"You guys are the best and we love our SHOWOFF Canopy!"

Michelle Owens Cobble

"Hi, I thought I would send a picture of my tent still standing after 62 mph wind and more then one inch of marble size hail. NOT ONE PICTURE FELL DOWN OR WAS DAMAGED BY WATER!!! Some were not so lucky it appears that EZ up is also EZ down."

Bill Stallone

"The squall hit so hard and fierce, I layed in bed anguished over the images of my twisted canopy. At dawn we left for Leesburg and when we turned the corner, to our amazement and delight, the canopy was still standing intact! Our neighbors were not as fortunate, perhaps they should have had a SHOWOFF Canopy. After weathering the storm I can attest to the durability and quality of the SHOWOFF Canopy."

T.S. Schoonover
Dunedin, FL

"I am sitting here in a downpour in Cape May, NJ. Of over a hundred crafters, I am now sitting here alone... high and dry... thanks to you."

R. Kinlin
Island Heights, NY

"People ask each week how we like our SHOWOFF Canopy, and we have nothing but good things to say."

R. Haarer
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"Thanks for the quick service on the SHOWOFF roof replacement. I believe service to be no less important than product, so I will take advantage of any opportunity to recommend the SHOWOFF."

A. Jones
Chuluota, FL

"The SHOWOFF Canopy is a great product and I would recommend one to any serious artist who spends a lot of time at shows. These canopies stay dry underneath and do not blow away or break in high winds. My SHOWOFF Canopy is easy to set up even by myself. Overall this is a great product."

Jeff with JT Pottery

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