Awning Zipper - Sewn Add On

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NOTE: The SHOWOFF Canopy is custom made. Please, call if you are ordering parts for a Showoff Canopy that is 10 years or older due to recent improvements to the Showoff Canopy design. Call 1-800-771-7469 or contact us.

Artists that want to add an awning to their existing Showoff tops can select this #10 zipper along with their awning purchase. The artist will be required to ship their top to us to have the zipper sewn in or can request the zipper be shipped to them along with the awning to be seen in by a local canvas fabricator or seamstress. If you want to have the option of using your awning on any side or front/back of your top, please add the quantity of zippers required and let us know in the Order Notes the location(s) to sew in the awning zippers.
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