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New Venture Products created the SHOWOFF Canopy in 1988 when an artist and her husband, who is an aerospace engineer, called upon our awning company – Awning Works Inc. of Clearwater Florida . Requesting we design and quote fabric panels to fit a TrimLine canopy. After a few weeks of discussion and gaining insight into the needs of artists for weekend art shows, a partnership was born. We formed New Venture Products Inc. as a way to launch our own, better version of an art canopy. The sole purpose was to design the most perfect canopy and display system that was strong, durable, and able to be set up by one person and at a reasonable price. We called it the SHOWOFF Canopy.

In 1989 we started designing and building prototypes and in 1990, after field testing by exhibiting at art shows, we incorporated beneficial changes and began production. Today we have over 7000 customers and almost 5000 SHOWOFF Canopy exhibitors. Since then we continue to improve the canopy by listening to our artist customers, staying current with technology and components and continuing to offer the SHOWOFF Canopy at a reasonable price.

Here's a few things we considered and we think you should too:

  • All components are made in the USA
  • The arch is designed with minimal framework making it feel roomy and conducive to looking at artwork.
  • The SHOWOFF Canopy is designed to shed rainwater off the sides of the canopy and away from the entrance.
  • The SHOWOFF Canopy frame is made out of 100% lightweight aluminum and carries an impressive 10 year warranty.
  • The SHOWOFF has only 16 major frame components.
  • The SHOWOFF Canopy top is made out of a heavy duty vinyl, which includes a 3 year warranty.
  • The SHOWOFF is lightweight, durable, strong, easy one person setup and fits in 2 carry bags.
  • Whether you are a jeweler, painter, crafter or work in multimedia we can customize the canopy to suit your needs.
  • We are the same family and company that started designing the SHOWOFF in 1988 and you can visit us at our Clearwater, Florida showroom.

Family Enterprise Mission

Our family enterprise mission is built upon a philosophy of excellence through teamwork supported by ethical and professional business practices. Of paramount importance is creating a work environment highly suited to enhanced creativity and productivity. Our goal is the offering of quality and highly useful products and services to the consumer and business community and to that end we dedicate ongoing resources to research and development of new ideas.

Social Consciousness

As a business led by strong family values and sense of community we look to participate in and support social ideas that positively affect the health and safety of our employees, families and community. We have a special focus on assisting children’s programs and supporting disabled women and men who have served in our armed forces.

Thank you for considering the SHOWOFF Canopy, where quality, integrity and customer service really count! The SHOWOFF is the best buy on the canopy market!

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